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Create a meaningful home

with sustainable decor
that matches your values

F R E E    G U I D E
+  W O R K B O O K

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I made this guide for eco-conscious individuals

who want to fill their home with meaningful beauty
but aren't sure where to start

Feel at home
in your home

This guide is more than just sustainable decor tips

You’ll navigate through the following steps in this guide:

Before you dive into the suggestions for seasonal shelf styling, the first part of this workbook focuses on finding meaning in what you gather and source for your home decor.

Personal connection to what you decorate with is crucial to elevating your home in a way that feels aligned with your own values.

Your inner self -> shelf
Prompts + space to 
reflect on how to discover
what is meaningful to you

Sourcing Suggestions
A list of places to source sustainable goods - 
including free ideas

Sustainable Seasonal Decor Suggestions and examples of different styling ideas throughout the seasons




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With that said, here are two things that I know to be true:

1. The biggest environmental harm is done by 100 big corporations/industries - not the global population (source).(go deeper).


2. It is important for me to make decisions based on my values. Especially with decorating my home - I am living with these items every day. When possible, I want my home to be a reflection of me, filled with meaning. These are items that I share space with - I want to feel good about what they are made out of and where they came from.

One thing that I love about home decor is that, as you’ll see, so much of it can be elements that you gather/make yourself, or source from vintage shops. Capitalism is still a thing, and most of us can’t exist outside of that system. However, there are things we can do to support a more circular economy when decorating our home.

I honor that it's a privilege

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Inner Self ->
Decorate your Shelf

to make decisions around what
I bring into my home