Herbal Landline

The longer story...

I make art to explore the disconnect
between modern humans and nature; 
the progression towards environmental destruction; 
and the care for the loss of habitats and life. 

I’ve been concerned about the environment since the early 90’s, when I was gifted a book entitled “50 Things Simple Kids Can Do to Save the Earth.” I recall being stunned that there was even a need to save the world, and that there was such resistance to changing it from those in power. 

During this time in history, there wasn’t any climate change denial - instead a stubbornness to not want to change that was encouraged by those who benefited from the planet’s dependency on certain sources of energy. Of course, I wasn’t aware of the politics at the time. 

In middle school, a group of environmentalists came and gave a presentation on ecological concerns, and my passion for protecting the planet was re-kindled. this In the late 90’s I created a website dedicated to educating folks about the environment, and maintained that resource for a couple of years. 


My interest in herbalism began when I was a 16 and had an opportunity to work in a store that sold various herbal products. My curiosity was nurtured with an encouragement by my manager to read lots of herbal reference books both in the store and at home.

This knowledge and understanding of plant medicine was something that I continued to develop informally until recently when I began official herbal studies with Wild Ginger Herbal School + Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism, in addition to seeking out other workshops and opportunities for learning.


My work is also informed by my lineage. My ancestors are from Southern Italy, and I grew up feeling a close connection to the traditions, customs, food, and beliefs of this land.

While I lost my interest in my own personal traditions for a in my 20's and early 30's, I have returned to a fascination with the wisdom of my lineage, especially in an effort to sift out cultural appropriation from my own spiritual practice.