art director: Dr. Britt Wray

editorial illustration

generation dread

The power of mourning

This is a part of a series of illustrations commissioned by Dr. Britt Wray to accompany in-person and virtual presentations for her book tour promoting Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis. This book focuses on the human mental and emotional condition happening right now as we face the changing environment. 

This illustration reflects what Dr. Wray speaks about in her book about the importance of community during the climate crisis. In this illustration, I have depicted a community garden, where the gardeners are working together, connected by a web of mycelium. In the background, a permaculture principle of tree guilds is shown. Here, an apple tree is surrounded by plants, where the tree and the plants have a mutually beneficial and supportive relationship.

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I am interested in working with brands and art directors that are focused on eco-conscious and eco-regenerative practices;.

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