Herbal Landline

the current state of ecology
the ethnobotany of my heritage 
the power of plants via herbalism
the ability of nature to promote mental health
folklore interwoven with natural elements

I create pieces that look at. . .

ancestral connection

Core Themes

 I’m fortunate to share my home + garden
with a few amazing chickens and goats;
lots of plants, herbs, + trees. 

About the Artist


Ren Elizabeth


My art explores

how the environment is
impacted by humans

and how a disconnection from nature has changed society as a whole. 

While this topic can bring great sorrow, I am also inspired by the way plants can nurture our bodies - not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. My own process brings me closer to nature, and my hope is that the viewers of my art will feel the same way.

The quality of my work is soft and feminine, quiet and intricate, and mostly rendered in dusty colors. I enjoy exploring the shape and color variation of plants, and study the parts of a plant in detail, but render the plants in an illustrative way.

For me, to draw these subjects is my own personal way to honor the natural world. I like to think of herbs, plants, and mythology as tools that helped my ancestors to survive and pave the way for my own birth.

All of my art is made digitally, and printed on eco-conscious paper with non-toxic inks. 


I am interested in working with brands and art directors that are focused on eco-conscious and eco-regenerative practices;.

Thank you!

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Want to Collaborate?

because herbs are the best.  It's mind-blowing that there are plants out there that interact with our bodies in a supportive way for a variety of health needs - it's a beautiful relationship.

Herbal. . .

because my work begins in a very linear nature; and because line speaks to lineage as well. 

Line. . .

because I aim to honor the land and be a steward of the land; a deep connection with the land is important to me.  

Land. . .

I also find joy in thinking of it as “Herbal Landline,” like my art could serve as a hotline for some of your herbal connection needs. Nothing replaces the experience of being in the presence of a plant, but if that’s not accessible to you, perhaps my art can help. 

Landline also feels like an older technology - it's a rotary dial candlestick model. Still modern, but not as universal as a touchtone phone of the 80’s, or as addictive and invasive as a cell phone, which comes with the societal assumption that you should be around all the time to respond to calls, texts, emails, and dozens of app notifications.  

Why Herbal Landline?

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Fun stuff...since you're here

When I grow up I want to be

one part Frida Kahlo, one part Tasha Tudor

I delight in

going outside to see how all my plant friends are doing

Favorite mythological theme

I love myths that involve the underworld in its many interpretations

Chamomile or Lavender?

Chamomile all the way, all day

Favorite way to eat ricotta

either manicotti or stuffed shells...or just straight from the container with a spoon.

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