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eco-conscious values

There is story, myth, ecology and history that inspires each piece of art. It's the story that makes the art more than just a pretty picture.

All artwork holds meaning

A portion of proceeds from each sale goes towards organizations that support environmental activism, social justice, LGBQTIA+ rights, and marginalized communities. 

We Give back

The Earth is the inspiration behind the artwork AND she is prioritized in methods of printing, packaging, and shipping. 

The Earth comes first

Mission & Ethics


I am interested in working with brands and art directors that are focused on eco-conscious and eco-regenerative practices;.

Thank you!

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Have you heard of the Enneagram?  If you haven’t, here’s a quick primer: it’s a personality test, where each type has a base number. There is no hierarchy to the numbers so no type is perceived as being “better” than the others. There are also subtypes or “wings,” in addition to a few other layers that […]

Have you heard of the term eco-anxiety? If you haven’t, it’s an emotion that’s exactly what it sounds like – anxiety about the current state of the climate. To be honest with you, by nature I’m kind of an anxious person. I’ve been worried about the health of the earth since I was 8…and that […]

Meaningful and sustainable art can really shift the energy of your home. I imagine that you’re here because we share similar values: You understand that the health of the planet is intertwined with the health of all life – not only humankind, but plantkind, animalkind, and the kind of life that is beyond sight. And […]

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